Pathway to Excellence Conference® 2018
Call for Abstract

May 1- 3, 2018 ~ West Palm Beach, FL

Dates for Submission

Submissions will be accepted beginning Friday, June 2, 2017. The deadline for abstract submissions is 11:59 pm Eastern on Monday, July 24, 2017.


Accepted poster and concurrent podium session presenters will be notified in October 2017. If you do not receive notification of acceptance or rejection for your abstract by October 2, 2017, please send an email inquiry to conference staff at

Judging Criteria

Abstracts will be considered based on how well they fulfill the learning outcomes of the ANCC Pathway to Excellence Conference®. All selections are made based on merit, with additional consideration given to those from Pathway to Excellence® or Pathway to Excellence in Long Term Care® organizations. There is no limit to the number of abstracts that may be submitted by a person or organization.

Learning Outcomes

  • Examine shared governance models and high-impact leadership strategies that cultivate nursing excellence and interprofessional partnership.
  • Evaluate evidence-based quality improvement initiatives for integration into the delivery of safe, effective patient care across all practice environments.
  • Assess methods of safeguarding the well-being of staff and the community to foster a culture of health.
  • Recognize the positive impact of lifelong learning on staff engagement and empowerment.

Educational Tracks

  • Shared Decision-Making & Leadership
  • Safety & Quality
  • Well-Being
  • Professional Development
Click here for full list of track descriptions

Who May Submit?

  • Those employed by a Pathway® designated organization at the time of submission.
  • Researchers or educators working in partnership with a Pathway organization.
  • Abstract submissions in support of the Pathway to Excellence® and Pathway to Excellence Long Term Care® standards who are not part of a Pathway to Excellence® organization
  • Submissions may not be from groups or persons with commercial interests.

Online Submission Steps and Instructions:

  1. Submission Requirements

    • Abstracts must be 2500 characters or less, exclusive of footnoted references.
    • Abstracts must be blinded - all references to the organizations and/or authors by name must be omitted from the title, program description, and body of the abstract in order to ensure a fair, unbiased review process.
    • Abstracts that have been submitted or presented elsewhere are not automatically rejected; however, we do ask when and where the material has been submitted or presented on the submission form.
    • Abstracts must evidence nursing staff or management activities related to one of the topic areas and focus on one or more conference learning goals/outcomes. Abstracts must include the purpose and description of the nursing initiative, implementation strategies, evaluation of the impact/effectiveness on the organization, and implications for nursing practice.
  2. Review and Selection

    Each abstract will be evaluated through a blinded, peer review process by members of the Continuing Education Advisory Taskforce and ANCC staff. Abstracts will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
    • Presentation of Abstract: grammar, spelling, clarity
    • Content: substantive, current, of interest to potential attendees, outcomes presented
    • Relevance to Pathway to Excellence®
    • Relevance to the conference learning outcomes
  3. Presenter Requirements

    If accepted for presentation, all abstract presenters must:
    • Submit required forms in electronic format as directed by the deadlines given.
    • Register for and attend the conference. Unfortunately, ANCC is unable to discount or waive registration costs for presenters.
    • Assume all costs related to travel, accommodations, and registration.

        Poster presenters will be required to:
      • Submit the final electronic version of the poster in PDF format by March 2, 2018.
      • Once the final version of the presentation is submitted and approved, no changes can be made.
      • Bring their poster to the conference for display.
      • Be present to answer questions during designated times as part of the conference continuing education program.

        Podium presenters will be required to:
      • Speak for 50 minutes minimum, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. All sessions must be 60 minutes in total length in order to fulfill CE requirements.
      • Certain abstracts may be accepted for a 20 minute paired presentation.
      • Once the final version of the presentation is submitted and approved, no changes can be made.
      • Submit the final version of their slide presentation by March 2, 2018.
  4. General Instructions

    Submissions must complete submissions through the online submission website. The website details all abstract submission information and walks submitters through the process step-by-step. Submitters must complete submissions by Monday, July 24, 2017. Note: ANCC will review only completed applications.

    The Pathway to Excellence Conference® 2018 will be held in West Palm Beach, FL, May 1- 3, 2018.

    We look forward to receiving your submission and seeing you on stage at the Pathway to Excellence Conference® 2018!

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